Our Staff

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Staff List
Grade 7 Homeroom Teachers
7-103 - Amelia Grantameliagrant@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
7-109 / LRC - Andrea Rosa-Bianandrearosabian@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
7-112 - Gale Kellygalekelly@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
7-202 - Matthew Mitchellmatthewmitchell@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
7-210 - Crystal Millercrystalmiller@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
7-211 - Joy Skanesjoyskanes@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
7-213 - Laura Clemenslauraclemens@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
7-217 - Casey Robertscaseyroberts@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Grade 8 Homeroom Teachers
8-104 - David Bartlettdavidbartlett@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
8-106 - Nadine Ryannadineryan@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
8-107 - Michelle Lannonmichellelannon@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
8-206 - Sonya Collettsonyacollett@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
8-207 - Chris Chalkerchristopherchalker@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
8-212 - John Bowdenjohnbowden@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Grade 9 Homeroom Teachers
9-102 - Peter Tarrantpetertarrant@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
9-111 - Verle Johnsonverlejohnson@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
9-115 - Shawn Giffordshawngifford@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
9-204 - Gary Clanceygaryclancey@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
9-208 - Ed Poweredwardpower@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
9-216 - Mercedes Lubymercedesluby@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Non-homeroom Teachers and Staff
Principal - Darryl Feenerdarrylfeener@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Assistant Principal - Elizabeth Areselizabethares@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
ESL - Tara Maddentaramadden@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Guidance - Kylee Blagdonkyleeblagdon@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Math - David Baldwindavidbaldwin@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Math/Science - Heather Lucasheatherlucas@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Math/Science - Andrew Cluneyandrewcluney@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Music - Sarah Comerfordsarahcomerford@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Physical Education - Colleen Hogancolleenhogan@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Secretary - Mondella Hardingmondellaharding@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Special Education - Colleen Button-Martincolleenbuttonmartin@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Special Education - Barbara Hancockbarbarahancock@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Special Education - Chris Pynechrispyne@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Special Education - Michelle Purchasemichellepurchase@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Special Education - Charlotte Glynn-Curtischarlottecurtis@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Special Education - Ellen Brockervilleellenbrockerville@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Special Education - Christina Wattonchristinawatton@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Special Education - Joan Allanjoanallan@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Student Assistant - Molly Bolandmollyboland@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Student Assistant - Martha Ryanmartharyan@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Student Assistant - Marilyn Cummingsmarilyncummings@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Student Assistant - Irene Brundigeirenebrundige@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Student Assistant - Mike Dwyermikedwyer@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files
Technology/Science - Barry Normanbarrynorman@esdnl.caAnnouncements and Class files

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