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Due on Feb 26


    During the week of February 26, students will be giving a Book Talk on a book they read independently. They have a sheet to plan the book talk with and their presentation should be 3-5 minutes. Their presentation should discuss the characters, plot, setting, genre, and themes of the book. It should begin with a hook to grab the readers' attention and end with a cliff hanger.

    Assigned February 7 by Stacey Hopkins

Due Feb 26
2 days left
Due on Mar 02


    Science Test on Electricity. Students will be provided the attached study guide. Answers include those in their notes, Google Classroom assignments, etc and these topics have been covered extensively in class.

    Science Test Study Guide (Electricity).docx

    Assigned 4 days ago by Stacey Hopkins

Due Mar 02
6 days left
Due on Jun 22


    Students have weekly spelling homework based on words that they need to practice spelling correctly. They have a Spelling Choice board and perform one activity per week night with their list of words. Every Friday, students will have a buddy check on their weekly spelling words.

    Assigned February 7 by Stacey Hopkins

Due Jun 22
117 days left
Due on Jun 29

    Technology Education

    Throughout the year, students are completing their Math, Science and French journals on Google Classroom. Time is allotted in class for this however students who need extra time or miss it for band or other reasons are welcome to complete the assigned work at home. It is very important that they keep their Google Classroom journals up to date.

    Assigned October 20 by Stacey Hopkins

Due Jun 29
124 days left