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Our fundraiser has ended! All forms and money are due at the school office.

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Open to grade 9 students, application packages are now available for the Asper Human Rights and Holocaust Studies Program. This package is available in-school, as well as online: Asper Intro Application Pkg FINAL COPY LBJH Sept 2014

The first student meeting about this program is Tuesday, September 30 in room 216 at 12:00pm.

Asper Human Rights and Holocaust Studies Program

Recycling will start this Thursday morning (Sept 25). Please bring your recycling in and drop it off by the main door. Please have it labelled with your name, homeroom and number to be included for individual and class prizes.


In case you missed our Curriculum Night, our handout guide is available online in PDF format: Curriculum Night Brochure 2014

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Please note that due to the construction and detour around Dogberry Hill Bridge, some routes will be affected and experience some delays. Any routes traveling along Dogberry Hill Rd and Thorburn Rd (Between Dogberry Hill Rd and St. Thomas Line) will need to be operated in the reverse order in the afternoon than they are operated in the morning. If this is already the case, please follow as normal. For Leary’s Brook, this will be routes 1 and 3 that will be affected.

Some Bus Routes Affected

School bus routes are available in PDF format here, and under the “School Information” menu at the top of this page.

Bus Routes

School reopens for all students on Wednesday, September 3.

All school opening information is posted online here.

School Reopens September 3
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